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What is it that you want to learn? What are your goals? What is in your way?

Whatever the specifics of your desire, you can work with me to set the conditions to learn what you want to learn. We can collaborate to find a process that leads to you achieving your goals.

There are various techniques we can study:

  • Classical guitar technique

  • Electric flatpicking technique

  • Folk techniques

We can study various styles including rock, metal, classical, jazz, folk and world music.

Using technique and theory as the key , you can unlock your creativity. Creating arrangements, writing music, improvising - they're all accessible with the appropriate foundations. 

Please get in touch to study in any of the following contexts:

  • Home visits in Dunedin, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia, depending on which country I'm in

  • Online lessons

  • Workshops and group classes on request

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Guitar: Testimonials

Dave is doing a fantastic job in individualising every single lesson and keeping the motivation high. I'm glad I chose him as my teacher and will continue to work with him!

Patrick Hof

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