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What is it that you want to learn? What are your goals? What is in your way?

Whatever the specifics of your desire, we can collaborate to find a process that leads to you achieving your goals.

I teach three-finger (bluegrass) technique.

People tend to come wanting to play bluegrass, and later on they often seek more variety. We can work on traditional material and where appropriate, we can branch out into other styles like metal, jazz, folk and world music.

I enjoy showing people how to apply standard banjo techniques to the styles they love. Learning the rules is important, and breaking the rules is a lot of fun!

Please get in touch to study with me in any of the following:

  • Private lessons in Marrickville, Sydney

  • Home visits in Dunedin, New Zealand (I visit periodically)

  • Online lessons

  • Workshops and group classes on request

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Banjo: Video
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