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Peak Performance and Healing for Anyone who Moves in their Life

You can use the Alexander Technique to 

  • improve your coordination

  • clarify and update your strategies for action and performance

  • develop your self-understanding (both physiology and psychology)

Some people want to improve their movement because this can relieve discomfort. Others come because they want to improve the quality of their performing. Whatever your reason for coming, you can expect to leave with more possibilities for how to do what you do. ​

Your curiosity and freedom of choice guide the lessons. You choose an activity or action you would like to explore, and together we develop more effective strategies for how to do it. The activity you choose can be anything at all, whether it's playing your instrument, singing, walking, dancing, or doing housework. The Alexander Technique helps you to do what you want to do with more ease and freedom.

Please get in touch to study with me in any of the following:

  • Home visits in Dunedin, New Zealand and Sydney, NSW, Australia (I move back-and-forth between the two locations)

  • Online lessons

  • Workshops and group classes on request

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