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An Alexander Technique workshop for Horse Riders

The Alexander Technique helps people move more efficiently. For horse riders this means clearer communication with your horse. By learning to improve your own coordination, the coordination between you and your horse improves. Learn how to get out of the way of the smooth flow of communication.

This workshop will cover:
Aids The signals you give your horse to do a movement are often stronger by doing less.
Body language Horses read and communicate with body language. By clarifying our movement plans, your horse is likely to have a clearer understanding of what you are asking.
Habits Are you unconsciously doing anything that interferes with your riding? Learn about movement patterns you may have been previously unaware of and where appropriate, develop more effective strategies for asking what you want.

The instructors:
Katharine Smith-Holley specialises in gentle riding and natural horsemanship techniques to improve the partnership between horse and rider
Dave Carr is an Alexander Technique teacher working with people from many backgrounds, including musicians, dancers, office workers, and more.

Friday 27 August to 29 August

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