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What is it that you want to learn? What are your goals? What is in your way?

That’s what I’m interested in as a teacher. My objective is to help set things up so that you can learn what you want to learn. We collaborate in finding a process that leads to you achieving your goals.

I teach various techniques:

  • Classical guitar technique

  • Electric flatpicking technique

  • Folk techniques

I can help you work in various styles including rock, metal, classical, jazz, folk and world music.
I particularly enjoy helping people with technique, theory, and creativity.

Lessons are available online, at my studio in Timaru, New Zealand, and occasionally in Sydney, Australia

Guitar: About Me
Guitar: Testimonials

Dave is doing a fantastic job in individualising every single lesson and keeping the motivation high. I'm glad I chose him as my teacher and will continue to work with him!

Patrick Hof

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